Jenna and Andrew are just INCREDIBLE! I could not recommend them any higher, honestly. Here are 3 things I want you to know about them: 1. The results. Our pictures and video are beyond gorgeous and we couldn't be happier with them. The quality is absolutely amazing and their eyes for detail are just stunning. The angles, images, colors, poses, candids, faces they captured, special moments... just everything we could have hoped for and more. From their equipment to skill set; they've obviously invested heavily in their craft for many years and it shows. 2. Their professionalism. I promise you won’t regret it… just TRUST them. Before our wedding day, I channeled all my nervous energy into creating a ridiculously long “wish list” of shots to capture, gleaning inspiration from all the internet advice. I wish I could go back and tell my former self that was absolutely NOT necessary. Jenna and Andrew captured it all and more. Jenna patiently helped me filter through everything, assuring me that 98% of what I listed was in their standard repertoire already. And for those few extra details that were unique to our special day, they remembered EVERY LAST DETAIL, even ones I had since forgotten. Seriously, every detail. It was beyond amazing. Their entire process and all communication is the epitome of professionalism. My family has absolutely raved over our shots “how did they even get that shot? I don’t even remember them being there!” Both discrete and ubiquitous. When guests jumped in, they always made sure we knew which camera to look at, a small but important detail. We were impressed with EVERY step of the process. Jenna’s communication was excellent, all forms were incredibly thorough, and the turnaround time was way earlier than we anticipated! Could not recommend any higher. 3. Their friendship. Like Jenna told me the first time we talked, your photographer is going to be your shadow the whole wedding day. Their demeanor and ability to read the room is incredible. At times, she felt like my closest confidant warmly reminding me to drink water as she reminded me it was time to get dressed… sharing a wink over getting my mom angled just so for a more formal shot… laughing as we got pine needles all stuck in the bottom of my dress because we were having so much fun under a tree… so many special memories! And then when I look at the pictures themselves, it’s like they've known us for YEARS (HOW did they know that SUPER characteristic face that my husband makes when he raises his eyebrows a certain way?!? They got it!) Their ability to capture emotion, not just imagery, is phenomenal. We are so incredibly grateful for Jenna and Andrew and couldn’t recommend them any higher.

wooster, Ohio

MEredith & Matt